About Veterinary Import-Export Authority

About Veterinary Import-Export Authority

Veterinary Import-Export Authority is a closed corporation, which has its Head office in Pretoria, South Africa. It is specialising in the provision of professional veterinary consulting services, on, in particular, veterinary import and export matters.

The company has been founded in 1995 and has successfully grown its business since, establishing an increasing number of valuable contacts and customers among governments in many countries over the world and companies globally.Its founder and Director, Dr Faul, started her career as a Veterinarian within the Department of Agriculture, Pretoria, South Africa in 1964, mostly in a regulatory capacity.

She was finally assigned Deputy-Director of Import-Export Control with the Directorate of Animal Health, a job she fulfilled very successfully for many years.

During her service in the State Veterinary field, she specialised in infectious and contagious diseases (as an Epidemiologist), pathology and reproduction on a herd/flock basis of production animals and birds.This experience proved invaluable during subsequent service as head of the Import-Export Section, because import and export protocols are based on risk analysis of diseases and other hazards, and risk management for the provision of safeguards to protect animal and human health.She traveled extensively to evaluate veterinary structures, animal health conditions and disease prevalence and control, and to negotiate import and export conditions in importing and exporting countries. Many of these investigations resulted in successful imports and exports for South Africa.In 1996, one year after she founded VIEA, Dr Faul decided to further increase her career opportunities and started her Consultancy, also making her services available to the SA Department of Agriculture.


Our Mission


Our mission is to provide a professional and efficient service in order to facilitate and expedite imports and exports of mainly live animals and all types of animal products (including associate products) Рon a global level as well as concluding commercial and logistical aspects of trade deals between trading partners.This requires a very close and sound relationship with national governments and in particular, the veterinary authorities in South Africa and around the globe for the conclusion of veterinary protocols and other agreements.

Our Objectives


The main objective as a Veterinary Import-Export Consultancy, is to facilitate the safeguarding of animal and human health in the importing country.To achieve this and to meet the requirements of these safeguards as recommended by the OIE (Office International des Epizooties) and as required by importing countries, well-developed veterinary structures, disease control, diagnostic and surveillance systems is expected to be in place in the exporting country.This might however be compromised as a result of numerous internal and external factors. The objective is therefore to facilitate trade based on scientific evidence and to deliberate lifting of restrictive measures, identified as trade barriers.



Knowledge and information on global trends and new developments on animal health status, disease manifestations, epidemics and emerging infectious diseases, risks and risk management, diagnostics, commercial and legal aspects, and other related matters are acquired and updated by attending courses, conferences, symposia and studying of OIE Recommendations, WTO/SPS Regulations, European Commission Directives, USA Code of Federal Regulations, IETS Manual, scientific publications and through the international veterinary network, relevant to the services provided.