Import-Export Services for Animals and Animal Supplies

Our services include the following, but are not limited these:

  • Drafting of protocols for certification of animals and products exported from South Africa.
  • Liaising with South African and overseas veterinary authorities for verification of protocols pertaining to the export of animals and animal products from South Africa.
  • Compilation of schedules for veterinary, commercial and logistical procedures and operations pertaining to exports of live animals and animal products.
  • Running of complete operations for export of live animals, including sourcing, quarantining, testing, transport, certification and freight.
  • Negotiating with relevant veterinary authorities in South Africa and overseas countries with regard to import requirements for the importation (including acquisition of import permits) of products and animals.
  • Official verification and authorization by the SA veterinary authorities is a prerequisite for obtaining import permits in every instance. Investigating and compiling of evaluation reports (Risk Analyses) on veterinary structures, disease control measures, and other relevant documentation of countries wanting to import or export from and to South Africa.
  • Evaluating plans for processing facilities and providing guidance and advice on construction and erection of these facilities, e.g. abattoirs, de-boning plants, tanneries, dairy-processing facilities, petfood manufacturing plants, domestic and game animal quarantine facilities, etc.
  • Inspection of facilities, e.g. tanneries, taxidermists, factories for manufacturing or processing of inter alia dairy products, egg products, petfood, meat (especially ostrich meat) in terms of approval requirements as set by the relevant authorities. Inspection of Quarantine facilities for live animals (game, sheep & goats, ostrich, semen & embryo collection quarantine facilities, etc) for export approval including to the European Union member countries. Final approval is verified and listed by the Department.
  • (This requires full knowledge of the relevant European Commission Directives and Commission Decisions.)
  • Management and supervision of procedures with regard to sourcing and preparation of animals for live exports or for slaughter for meat exports, to confirm compliance with animal health and veterinary public health requirements.
  • Supervision of manufacturing procedures e.g. dairy products, petfood, egg and meat products, to ensure compliance with requirements of importing countries, including auditing of HACCP systems.
  • Auditing of bio-security (HACCP) systems, Quality Assurance programs and GMP’s (Good Manufacturing Procedures) at plants manufacturing products for export.
  • Providing the support systems (e.g. sampling, laboratory testing, supervision during certain procedures, control charts, documentary verification, etc.) necessary for verification of and compliance with certification requirements.
  • Compilation of Veterinary Health Certificates and supporting documents – including official verification – for export of products and live animals.
  • Arrangements and compiling of itineraries for official or trade delegations to and from South Africa, mainly for evaluation, risk assessment and conclusion of veterinary protocols and commercial aspects or for selection of animals and finalisation of import or export trade deals.
  • Assistance with regard to authentication and legalization of documents pertaining to exports or imports.
  • Provision of advice on regulatory (legal) matters pertaining to international movements of animals and animal products.
  • Training of individuals & groups on animal management, e.g. ostrich farming, sheep & goat farming. Project development on turn-key operations e.g. ostrich farming, goat farming.
  • Drafting of contracts and conclude trade deals (including commercial and logistical aspects) with importers for the supply of live animals for export.